Professional Airbrush Spray Tans

Eco-Cert DHA , Paraben-Free , Gluten Free , Nut Allergen Free , Sulfate-Free

*Never orange*


 Pre-session exfoliation is the first step to achieving flawless spray tanning results. It is best to clear away dry, dead skin cells with a sulfate-free scrub from Norvell. This will polish and prep the pH balance of the skin to keep orange undertones at bay. Tips to Prep for the Perfect Tan Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products or in-shower moisturizers. Be sure to complete any waxing, shaving or use of depilatory creams no later than 24 hours prior to your session.



 As you prepare for your Norvell sunless tan, be sure to wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and no jewelry. Tight clothing can run or smear bronzers, especially around the knees, elbows, chest, and waist. Before you head to your appointment, there are some important “don’ts” you won’t want to ignore. Deep penetration of the solution is key to a beautiful lasting color.



Don’t create a sunless barrier by applying anything to the skin. Avoid applying lotions, creams or perfumes prior to your session. Even use deodorant sparingly. Don’t wear any makeup to your sunless tan appointment, if unavoidable, remove prior to your spray tan.


AFTER SESSION CARE MOISTURIZE Once dry, apply Post Sunless HydroFirm™ Moisturizing Spray to add moisture, seal sunless results and boost the DHA reaction. When showering after 24 hours, use pH Balancing Shower Cleanser. Tips To Optimizing The Perfect Tan Refrain from showering as long as possible, ideally for 24 hours. As with all DHA products, sunless color begins showing development approximately 4 hours post application and continues to darken for up to 24 hours. If you must shower before the 24 hours has lapsed, do so using a warm water rinse only. The use of soap can inhibit full development of DHA. Never fear, cosmetic surface bronzers will wash away during the first shower. Note:: Chlorine can cause premature fading of sunless results. Norvell Sunless Spray Tan Instructions


HOME MAINTENANCE MAKE IT LAST Extend and build color between sessions with a daily application of Sunless Color Extender ProLong™ Moisturizer. Tips To Touch Ups For facial color renewal, try Bronzing 4-Faces™ for body color touch up, try any other Norvell Retail Product in the Bronze category.


ACHIEVE A PERFECT 10! Norvell Self-Tanning Maintenance Systems Take care! Norvell’s Self-Tanning MAINTENANCE SYSTEM is an all-inclusive selection of products that incorporates the core four categories of sunless care – Prime, Bronze, Optimize, and Enhance. Thoughtfully combined to build a TSA sized travel set, this system is the culmination of top-selling products that work synergistically to keep color impeccable.





In less time than you can fly to the European Riviera, and minus the jet lag, you can get the same deep, rich colour that you crave. An exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers, designed to mimic skin colours found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. This first of its kind, deliberate and innovative formulation blends with all skin tones to produce a deep, long-lasting tan.


The quality of DHA used in sunless products is directly related to the outcome of your sunless tan. Natural Enzymes to repair weak, dehydrated skin and promote the efficiency of the body’s own natural moisturization factor. Unique dermal barrier locks DHA within the top layer of skin. Formulated without Parabens, Gluten, Sulphates, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrance, Petrochemicals, GMO’s, Triclosan. This product is designed for use in all airbrush/HVLP systems.


These superior spray tan solutions are infused with natural essences. The Venetian scent is Paradise Breeze, a deliberate fragrance combination that helps to eliminate the unpleasant sunless tanning smell. Not just pleasant to smell, these formulations also trap and encapsulate the malodour molecules that occur when DHA reacts with the chemistry of one’s skin, rather than merely masking it.

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